Crock & Antique Auction

400 E Caldwell St, Paris, MO 65275

January 20, 2024
@ 10:00 am

January 20, 2024 | 10:00 am 5:00 pm
400 E Caldwell St, Paris, MO 65275

Directions: From Dos Arcos Mexican Restaurant on N. Main St. in Paris, head East on E. Caldwell St. until you come to the baseball field. Turn right on the gravel and the 4-H building is on the south side of the ball field.   (Watch for signs)

Auctioneers Note:  This is a nice antique auction with something for everyone. We hope to see you there.

Auction Terms: Not responsible for accidents or theft.  Additions and deletions may occur.  Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all advertisements.  Payment due on day of sale in the form of cash, good check or credit card w/convenience fee.



-depression pink hen on nest

-pink love birds candy dish

-pink rabbit w/basket toothpick holder

-frost pink dove on the nest

-pink miniature lamb on the nest

-white hen on nest

-pink shoe – green fairy lamp

-amber fairy lamp

-amber rose bloom compote

-amethyst carnival basket

-amber hen on nest

-amberina hen on nest w/eggs

-plumb & white slag hen on nest

-pink over frost white frilled vase

-amber open-lace covered candy dish

-Imperial blackberry cobalt vase

-green shoe/roller skate

-electric blue Mary & Jesus nut dish

-electric blue bowl

-electric blue patriotic Eagle covered compote

-miniature cobalt hen on nest

-miniature cobalt duck on pond

-cobalt swan

-large cobalt duck on pond

-large cobalt hobnail shoe w/lid

-individual cobalt butter dish

-black amethyst dove on nest

-basket of alabaster eggs

-cobalt biscuit jar

-(4) clear Fenton bears w/different colored hearts

-set of 8 amber stem glasses

-green 4-fruit footed bowl

-glass fruit basket


Uranium Glass

-green decanter

-syrup pitcher

-Vidrio Products 2-cup measuring cup


-1-cup measuring pitcher

-coffee scoop

-Kellogg’s 1-cup measuring pitcher

-Anchor Hocking 4-cup measuring pitcher

-Spanish lace cake stand

-fern cake plates

-set of 18 paneled sherbet dishes

-set of 12 paneled bowls

-set of 8 plates

-square refrigerator dish

-lace dishes

-biscuit jar

-large jar

-(2) nice pitchers

-crackle glass keg

-flower frog

-Fenton opalescent vinegar cruet

-Multiple drawer pulls & furniture coasters

-(4) S&P sets


Cookie Jars

-(3) McCoy Aunt Jemima cookie jars

-McCoy cooking kettle cookie jar

-rooster cookie jar

-(2) bear cookie jars

-mother goose cookie jar

-USA crock cookie jar w/lid

-Monmouth Ill cookie jar


Red Wing Crocks

-#12 bee sting w/nice glaze drip

-#6 bee sting

-#4 bee sting

-#3 bee sting

-#2 bee sting

-#2 short salt

-#10 w/wing

-#3 w/wing

-#2 w/wing

-#5 jug w/wing (crack in bottom)

Western Crocks

-#30 (no cracks but couple chips)





-#1 jug

-1/2 beehive jug

-(2) #2 jugs

-#6 churn

-#5 water crock

-Western white crock bowl

Misc Crocks

-#25 stamped (cracked)

-#20 (not cracked)

-#8 (cracked)

-#12 White Hall (broken handle)

-#5 Ruckels w/ handles


-#3 Pittsburg Pottery


-#2 salt glazed

-(14) other 1-2gal crocks

-#6 Buckeye (hairline crack)

-#6 Pittsburg Pottery ice water w/spout & lid

-#8 Pittsburg

-#4 & #5 dark brown crocks

-#3 & #2 Pittsburg crocks

Crock Jugs

-(2) brown glaze beehive

-#3 McComb

-#1 Ruckels

-#2 blue ribbon

-(2) blue banded

-#3 blue crown

-#5 White Hall

-#5 blue ribbon

-#1 blue ribbon

-(18) other jugs

Other Crock items

-#3 & #4 Marshal churns

-(4) white crock bowls

-(2) #3 salt glaze churns

-multiple crock jars

-spittoon w/pour hole

-yellow Indiana bowl w/blue bands

-blue White Hall sawtooth short crock

-blue White Hall columns bowl (2 large heat chips in bottom)

-multiple wire top jars

-foot warmer

-(2) blue banded pitchers

-Roseville spongeware pitcher

-McCormick small jugs

-blue band spittoon

-#6 salt glaze churn (missing lid)

-#2 blue banded water cooler w/spout


Cast Iron

-rooster doorstop

-match holder

-JD Mod. OP

-dump truck

-Coca-Cola truck


-elephant bank

-leprechaun w/ big bank

-Auburn man on tractor

-cow bank

-cat & mouse clock

-“Fresh Milk” horse & wagon

-“US Mail” horse & wagon

-“Ice” Horse & wagon


-fire wagon w/horses



-E.C & McO S.F. green hand blown insulator (CD123)

-McMicking Victori B.C. 75 slide on insulator

-postal brown glaze crock insulator

-Petticot H.G. Co sapphire blue

-Hemingray blue May 12, 1891 Columbia

-1972 3rd National Insulator Show Gold Kansas City

-multiple brown & white crock insulators

-Brookfield olive green

-(2) Hemingray No. 9 May 2, 1983 sun colored amethyst

-(2) Corning Pyrex carnival insulators

-Hemingray No. 9 olive green

-Amtest Tel Com jade green

-Pony insulator

-multiple augu insulators

-Chance Centralia, MO insulator


Vintage & Collectibles

-full bronze Fraser “End of Trail” statue 15″ tall x 11″ long

-DeLuxe copper boiler

-copper boiler

-pint Dazey churn

-(2) churn beaters w/lids

-#60 Dazey churn (no screen)

-#40 Dazey churn (no screen)

-#20 Dazey churn (no screen)

-Kidde brass fire extinguisher

-Buffalo brass extinguisher

-Gross sterilized tacks wooden box

-Winchester wooden ammo box

-Buffalo Bolt Co. wooden crate

-Gambles 12ga small arms shot gun wooden box

-Super X 16ga wooden ammo box

-“Hay Maker” hay trolly

-white Pepsi-Cola “Say Pepsi Please” metal cooler

-metal Coca-Cola Cooler w/ top tray

-wooden block pully

-Mar Tin Toy fire truck

-Mar Tin Toy Corn planter

-Mar #5 large fire truck

-amber Lightning wire top canning jar

-1861 Atmospheric Millville clamp top fruit jar

-Lightning Putnam 695 wire top jar



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