Firearm Collection Auction

21509 State Hwy D, Mexico, MO 65265

June 8, 2024
@ 3:00 pm

June 8, 2024 | 3:00 pm 7:00 pm
21509 State Hwy D, Mexico, MO 65265

Directions: From Hwy 54/Hwy 15 overpass (Walmart exit) in Mexico, take Highway D for .8 miles and the 4-H Fairgrounds will be on the right.     (Watch for Signs)   Audrain County 4-H Fairgrounds-21509 State Highway D, Mexico, MO 65265

Auctioneers Note: As Garry has passed, Verna has decided to sell their large collection of firearms at public auction. These firearms are in good to excellent condition. We will be selling ammunition for some of the more rare calibers but the common rounds will be kept by the family. We hope to see you there!


Auction Terms: Not responsible for accidents or theft.  Additions and deletions may occur.  Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all advertisements.  Payment due on day of sale in the form of cash, good check or credit card w/convenience fee. A valid driver’s license and current phone number will be required for all registering bidders.  All first time registrants will be required to have your picture taken.



Ed Brown custom Kobra Carry 45auto, 1911, Semi Black w/wood colored grip

Colt Defender 1911, 45auto Gray S/S

-Colt Goldcup 1911, 45auto Black w/wood grip

-Colt Goldcup trophy 1911, 45auto, gray stainless w/blue grip

-Colt King Cobra 2”, .357 S/S, bobbed hammer

-Colt King Cobra 3”, .357 S/S

-Colt Python .357mag

-Colt detective special, .38sp, revolver

-Beretta Tomcat 32 semi S/S w/ black grip

-Browning Buckmark Hunter, 22LR semi Black w/ wood grip, gold trigger, holo sight

-Browning Buckmark Lite, 22LR semiauto, black w/green S/S barrel

-Browning Hightower 9mm Semiauto, Black w/wood grip

-Charter Arms Target Pathfinder .22 Revolver S/S w/black grip

-Excel Arms Excelerator MP/22, 22 Mag, Semiauto, Black/silver w/scope mount

-FNH 57, 5.7×28, Semiauto

-Glock G19, 9mm, Semiauto, Tan/olive green

-Kel-Tech PMR 30, 22 MAG, Semiauto

-Kimber Aegis Elite w/holo sight, 9mm, Semiauto

-Kimber Belair Micro, 9mm, Teal/Silver/Pearl

-Kimber Eclipse Target w/4 magazines, 38 Super, Semiauto, S/S top/Dark gray bottom

-Kimber K6S, 357 Mag, Revolver, S/S w/rubber grip

-Kimber MicroRaptor, 380, Semi, S/S w/wood grip

-Kimber MicroRaptor, 9mm, Semi, S/S w/extended mag

-Kimber Pro Aegis 2, 9mm, Semi, Black rail & S/S frame/wood grip

-KimberRaptor 2,  45auto, S/S, w/wood grip tritium sights

-Magnum Research Desert Eagle, 44 Mag, Semi, Black

-North American Arms, 22 Mag, Revolver, S/S w/ wood grip

-PW Arms M1895 RUSSIA, 7.62×38, Revolver, Black w/wood grip. Military gun

-Rohrbaugh 9mm, Semi, S/S w/black grip. Hammerless

-Ruger GP100, 357 Mag, Revolver, S/S w/wood grip

-Ruger GP100 10 shot, 22LR, Revolver, S/S 6″ w/wood and rubber grip

-Ruger LCR, 38 Special + P, Revolver, Black

-Ruger Mark IV light, 22/45, Semi, Black/Silver w/scope mount

-Ruger Mark IV light w/ holo sights, 22/45, Semi, bronze/wood barrel w/black grip

-Ruger Mark IV Target, 22LR, Semiauto

-Ruger Model Single 10, 22LR, Revolver, S/S 4″ w/wood grip

-Ruger SP101 8 shot, 22LR, Revolver, Stainless 4″

-Ruger Super Blackhawk, .44 MAG, Revolver, Blued w/ wood grip

-Ruger Super Black Hawk w/scop, .44 Mag, Revolver, S/S wood grip

-Ruger Super Red Hawk Alaskan, .44 Mag, Revolver, S/S w/black rubber grip 2″ barrel

-Ruger Super Red Hawk w/scope, .44 Mag Revolver, S/S 6″ w/black rubber grip

-Sig 1911 Carry, 45auto, Army green

-Sig Mosquito, .22LR, Semi, Camo

-Sig P226 Custom, 9mm, Semi, S/S top, w/black bottom

-Sig P226 Legion, 9mm, Semi, Dark gray receiver

-Sig P226 MK25, 9mm, Semiauto, Black

-Sig P227, .45auto, Black

-Sig P229 Elite, 9mm, Semi, S/S w/wood grain grip -Sig P238, 380auto, Rainbow

-Sig P239, 40S&W, Semi, Black Stainless

-Sig P320, 45auto, Semi, Black

-Smith & Wesson 17 Classic, 22 LR, Revolver, Black w/wood grip

-Smith & Wesson 2910, 44 Mag, Revolver, Black 6.5″ barrel w/wood grip

-Smith & Wesson 460, w/scope, 460 MAG, Revolver, S/S w/black grip

-Smith & Wesson 586, 357 Mag, Revolver, Black w/wood grip

-Smith & Wesson 617-8, 10 shot, 22 LR, Revolver, S/S 6″ barrel w/black grip

-Smith & Wesson 629 Classic, 44 Mag, Revolver, S/S, 6″ barrel w/wood grip

-Smith & Wesson 63-5, 8 shot, 22 LR, Revolver, S/S 3″ barrel w/black grip

-Smith & Wesson 640, 357 Mag, Revolver, S/S 2″ w/black grip. Hammerless gun

-Smith & Wesson 657, 41 Mag, Revolver, S/S 7.5″ barrel w/black rubber grip

-Smith & Wesson 686, 357 Mag, Revolver, S/S, w/black rubber grip

-Smith & Wesson Classic 586, 357 Mag, Revolver, Black w/wood

-Smith & Wesson M&PR8, w/scope, 357 Mag, Revolver, Black

-Smith & Wesson Model 41,  w/holo sight, 22LR, Black w/wood grip

-Springfield 1911 A1, 45auto, Semi, Black

-Springfield XDS 3.3, .45auto, S/S w/black polymer

-Taurus PT 25, 25auto, Black w/wood grip

-Walther P22, 22LR, Semi, Black

-Walther PPK, 380auto

-CZ 75 Kadet, 22 LR, Semi, black



-Browning Auto 5, 12ga, Light 12, Belgium made

-Browning BPS hunt, .410 pump, w/chokes

-Mossberg shockwave 590, 12ga, pump, pistol grip

-Savage 24 series 5, O/U 22Lr/20ga

-Tavor X95 XB16, 556/223, bull pup 16.5″

-Winchester Stainless Marine, 12ga, pump, chrome

-Remington model 1100, 20ga, 2-3/4″ modified choke

-Winchester model 1897, 12ga, trench gun (rough)

-Winchester model 1897, 12ga, full choke

-Winchester model 12, 20ga, Full Choke – HSB & Co Model W, 12ga, single shot

-TC Montgomery 12ga, double barrel/double hammer (rough)

-Triumph 410, single shot

-Stevens 410 single shot (rough)



-Browning BL 22, 22LR, lever, wood/blued, W/Leupold VX2 2x7x28

-Winchester mod. 1894, 30WCF, lever action, (built 1897-1898)

-Winchester Mod. 63, 22LR, old weaver scope

-Remington 22LR pump – Remington TargetMaster, Mod. 510, 22LR

-Ithaca M-49, 22LR, single shot lever action

-Marlin mod. 15Y, 22LR, single shot bolt action

-Glenfield model 60, 22LR, W/Scope

-Springfield mod. 1903 mark 1, 30-06, bolt, weaver k2.5 scope

-Remington mod. 783, 270win, laminated stock

-Savage 93R17, 17HMR, bull barrel

-Remington Mod. 550-1, 22LR, Tasco scope

-Winchester model 121, 22LR, single shot bolt action

-Ruger Mini 30, 7.62×39

-Remington model 7, 7mm SAUM, w/laminate stock & Leopold vx3 4.5-14×40

-Tikka TX3, 243 win, S/S, W/ Leopold 3.5x10x40

-Thompson center Encore  22-250, W/Nikon 6x18x40

-Browning Xbolt Varmit stalker, 204 Ruger, W/Nikon 4.5-14×40

-Anschutz MSR RX22 precision, 22LR, W/New Burris Fullfield E1 3-9×50

-Browning BLR LT, 243win, lever, 20 ” satin nickel w/ synthetic stock & Leupold FX-11 2.5×28

-Remington 541S, 22LR, W/Leopold scope

-Winchester  M1 carbine, 30 caliber (original)

-Sig Sauer 516 AR 5.56 Nato, collapsible stock, W/Sightron 3-12×42

-Springfield M1A-loaded, 308win (New)

-Remington model 700 CDL SF, 6.5 Creedmoor, Limited edition, Black w/wood grip, gold trigger

-Rock River arms LAR pops, 556/223 pistol

-Ruger AR 556, 300 Blackout, arm brace/collapsible stock, W/Leupold VX2 3×9

-Ruger M77 357mag, black synthetic & S/S, W/Leupold VX3 1.5-5×20

-CZ Scorpion, 9mm, semi, EVO 3 S1

-Glennfield model 60, 22LR, special edition, W/Leupold VX1 2-7×28

-Henry Big Boy Steel, 44mag, lever

-Kel Tec CMR30, 22mag, semiauto, collapsible stock

-Kimber 84M, 257 Roberts, S/S, olive synthetic stock, W/Leupold VX2 stainless 4-12×40

-Kimber model 82 government, 22LR, bolt single shot, peep site, heavy barrel

-Marlin 336W, 30/30, micro groove barrel

-Bushwhacker .50 cal. muzzle loader

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