Gun & Ammo Auction

9584 Hwy 15, Mexico, MO 65265

October 15, 2021
@ 6:00 pm

October 15, 2021 | 6:00 pm 9:00 pm
9584 Hwy 15, Mexico, MO 65265

Directions: From Walgreens in Mexico, head North on Western St/Hwy 15 for 1.9 miles then auction will be on the right.  From Prengers in Paris, head South on Hwy 15 for 24.1 miles then auction will be on the left.    (Watch for Signs)

Auctioneers Note: We have a great gun and ammo auction starting at 6pm in the evening. We will be starting on knives, tools and collectibles then transitioning into guns with ammo to follow. We hope to see you there!

Auction Terms: Not responsible for accidents or theft.  Additions and deletions may occur.  Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all advertisements.  Payment due on day of sale in the form of cash, good check or credit card w/convenience fee. 


Long Guns

-Browning Bar2 “Safari” 30-06 Belgium

-DPMS Panther Arms Mod A-15 AR15 .223-5.56 w/Truglo scope

-Henry 30/30-win lever action

-Winchester Mod 70 .220 swift Pre-64 bull barrel

-Remington Mod 722 .22-250 Pre-64 (professionally rechambered) w/birds eye maple stock

-Remington Woodsmaster Mod 742 .308win w/scope

-Marlin Mod XL7 30-06 w/adj Accu trigger (new in box)

-Ruger 10-22 .22LR carbine w/bull barrel and 3×9-40 Tasco scope

-Henry Mod H003T .22LR Pump Octagon barrel

-Henry Mod H001L .22LR lever action

-Remington Speedmaster Mod 24-1 .22 short

-Winchester Mod 74 .22LR

-Marlin “Foremost” Mod 6660 .22LR semi auto

-Winchester Mod 190 .22 L,L2

– Remington Mod 41P single shot .22 S, L, LR

-Mossberg Mod 146B-A .22 S,LR w/scope

-H.M. Quackenbush .22LR

-Mossberg Mod 4C .22LR

-Stevens Mod 15-A .22 single shot

-Thompson .45cal traditional muzzle loader w/dual set triggers

Military Guns

-.303 British full stock w/flip up sight & 80 rounds (great shape, unsporterized)

-7.65 1891 Argentine Mauser (nicely sporterized)

-German Mod 98 8mm Mauser (sporterized)

– 1907-15 Fench Delaunay Belleville 8mm labell Mauser

-Steyr M-95 8x50mm Austrian/Hungry Mauser 1895-1945

-Italian Vetterli M1870-87-15 infantry 6.5mm Mauser

-1888 Commission 8mm Mauser



-Browning “Silver Hunter” semi-auto 12ga, New in box 1 of 1000 NWTF series 2013

-American Arms “Gentry” 20ga 3” side by side (beautiful scroll work)

-Beretta Mod AL2-12ga

-Winchester Mod 12 16ga 2 ¾ imp.

-Winchester Mod 12 12ga 2 ¾ mod.

-Winchester Mod 12 12ga full choke for super speed & super-x 3”

-Ithica 16ga side by side double barrel

-Stevens 20ga side by side double barrel (beautiful but needs work on firing pins)

-Savage Mod 311 20ga side by side

-Mossberg Mod 500E .410 3” full

-Stoeger Condor .410 3” O/U

-Franchi 12ga semi-auto (has firing pin issues) Pheasant Scroll work

-Winchester Mod. 1400 12ga

-GForce P3 12ga 20” 4+1 black synthetic pump action w/pistol grip

– JC Higgins Mod 583.12 20ga bolt

– JC Higgins Mod 583.12 20 ga bolt

-H&R Topper Mod 148 16ga

-New York Arms 12ga single shot



-Thompson Center 45colt/410 single shot pistol

-Ruger SR9c 9mm pistol w/extra mag, case & 2 holsters

-Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 special hammerless double action

-Taurus G3 9mm pistol w/2 mags

-Novinco Mod 54-1 9mm semi auto

– GSG Firefly .22 semi auto pistol

-Glock 19 9×19 9mm W/extra mag

-H&R Gardner Mod 949 .22LR 9 shot revolver

-Heritage rough rider .22LR 4-3/4” 6 round revolver US flag grips

-Heritage Bar Keep .22LR 2” 6 round US flag grips

-Heritage Rough Rider .22LR 6-1/2” 6 round

-EIG “Buffalo Scout” Mod E15 .22LR 6 shot single action nickel revolver

-Rohm Mod 63 .22LR 8 shot revolver

-Iver Johnson mod. 1900 revolver cal?


Ammo 3,700rds

-170rds 44mag

-10rds #3 20ga buck shot

-40rds 12ga 00 Buck shot

-25rds #6 20ga

-50rds 12ga slugs

-50rds .357mag

-125rds #4 16ga

-25rds mixed 10ga

-175rds #2- #7 ½ 12ga

-65rds #7 ½ 16ga

-100rds reloaded 20ga

-15rds 20ga slugs

-150rds 45auto

-140rds 40 S&W JHP

-25rds 10mm auto

-150rds 38spl reloads

-50rds 25auto

-100rds .223

-250rds 9mm

-80rds 30-06

-92rds 303 Britt

-50rds #4 12ga

-175rds 2-1/2” 20ga #8 shot

-50rds #4 & 7 ½ 20ga

-100rds #6 .410

-1900rds .22LR

-350rds .40 S&W

-100rds 380 auto

-20rds .300 win mag

-40rds 22-250


Reloading Equipment & extras

-RCBS single stage press reloader set (will be parted out)

-Mec 600 12ga reloader

-Lee 12ga reloader

-RCBS dies

30 M1 carbine, 7mm Rem mag, 7.7 Jap, 30-06, .303 Brit, 7.5 S/R, 7mmx57, 8×57 Mauser, .223 Rem, .257 Roberts, .308 win, 9mm luger, 7.62mmx39-.308/311

-Pacific Durachrome .357 dies

-Lyman .45ACP dies

-Herters .243 dies

-400 small pistol primers

-600+ 9mm spent brass

-30-06 spent brass

-30-30 spent brass

-.223 spent brass

-.303 Brit. Brass

-.45acp brass

-double gun hard case

-(2) AR 20 round mags

-(2) vintage Weaver K10 60-B scopes w/rings & bases

-Triad Paintball set



-Fluke-400A meter

-misc Craftsman sockets

-1/2” Milwaukee electrill

-Milwaukee vise grip set

-Craftsman ¼,3/8,1/2” ratchet

-Mac set of 3 hog nose ring plyers

-Mac set of 3 needle nose plyers

-(2) Mac channel locks

-Mac set of 3 snips/dikes

-(2) Mac mini dikes

-Mac set of 3 plyers

-Snap-On ¼” drive metric mid-depth socket set

-Snap-On ¼” drive SAE mid-depth socket set

-Mac 3/8 drive metric shallow impact socket set

-Snap-On ½” ratchet

-Snap-On 3/8” flex head ratchet



-Case 63033 3 blade

-Case 62033 2 blade

-Keen Kutter 2 blade trapper

-Boker “Tree Brand” 3 blade

-(9) Frost Cutlery pocket knives

-(4) misc Winchester knives

-Old Timer 1940T single blade

-Old Timer 330T

-Imperial, Kamp King, Uncle Henry, Uncle Lucky & many others

-(2) Keen Kutter scissors

-Buck 118 fixed blade w/sheath

-Buck 102 fixed blade w/sheath

-Buck 110 w/tin & key chain

-Uncle Henry 3 knife combo w/tin

-(4) Winchester knife sets

-misc lighters

-Coors Lite pool table light



-(2) Washington silver commemorative half dollars w/box

-(4) Ben Franklin half dollars

-1946 walking Liberty half dollar

-1878s Morgan dollar

-1888p Morgan dollar

-2003 silver Eagle

-1 ounce silver bullion coin with Indian chief

-(13) uncirculated mint sets ranging from 1970 to 1998

-(14) mint proof sets ranging from 1994 to 2008 & 1972

-1847 large cent

-steel war penny

-president & first lady series coin Dwight & Mamie Eisenhower

-(45) Kennedy halves from 1965-1969

-(7) 1964 Washington quarters

-1963 red seal $5 bill

-1957 $1 silver certificate

-1935 $1 silver certificate

-(2) 1928 red seal $2 bills

-1953 & 1963 red seal $2 bills

-(3) 2003 consecutive $2 bills

-(5) 1957 consecutive $1 silver certificates uncirculated

-other misc. coins

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